Whether it was his mom always singing to him, or his older sister and brother playing tunes throughout the house, Lon Lopez has always been surrounded by music.  He first attempted to play saxophone in the fifth grade but the instrument proved too heavy.  He later tried drums in the sixth grade but was disappointed to find out that it meant playing a practice pad instead of a full on kit. So instead he went over to chorus and found his singing voice.

Since high school and ever since Lon has been singing in bands.  In the 90’s he founded the band, Statue Man and played up and down California with shows at such famous venues as Slim’s in San Francisco and the Roxy in Los Angeles.  The band released three demos and compiled them all into a full album called, El Guapo.

After Statue Man, Lon got together with a group of musician friends for a one night gig to just have fun and play music.  It was later dubbed by a friend to be like a musical booty call, and with the gig going over well with fans, Lon Lopez and The Booty Call was born.  The Booty Call put out two releases, Pop Rock Soul and The Beefy Gnar Gnar  which have both been featured on various online music platforms such as Spotify, Sound Jam and iTunes.

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