COBALT airs on El Rey Network!

San Jose filmmaker featured on legendary director Robert Rodriquez’s El Rey Network as part of the People’s Network Showcase: Action Edition.

(San Jose, California) – March 21, 2017: San Jose director Lon Lopez’s stop motion animated short, C.O.B.A.L.T. will be one of eight films featured on the two hour People’s Network Showcase Action Edition premiering on El Rey Network , Friday, March 31st at 8pm est.

“As a fan and follower of Robert Rodriquez since the beginning, I cannot even come close to tell you what an honor it is to be personally selected by Rodriquez himself to be part of this showcase,” Lopez shared. Along with showing the short, the show will also feature a brief interview with Lopez as he introduces its premiere on network television.

“Rodriguez gets it. He’s been there. He knows what it’s like being a creator with very few avenues to get your stuff out there. That’s why the People’s Network is so important. It gives those up and comers a window to jump through,” added Lopez.

C.O.B.A.L.T. is Lopez’s second stop motion animated short in his Action Figure Action Movie (AFAM!) series of films. The first short in the series, The Setback, won Best Short Animation at the Famous Monsters Film Festival in 2014 and Lopez’s company Thanks But No Thanks Production is currently in production of chapter three of the animated saga. Prior to AFAM, Lopez has been a prolific creator and director from everything to web series (Moron Life, Crackpot Comics) to the award winning documentary about the infamous San Jose music scene, Rock the Block: The Story of the Cactus Club.

El Rey Network was launched by legendary director Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi, Spy Kids, Sin City) in 2013 in a deal with Univision. El Rey offers a slew of syndicated programming in the, “Grindhouse” genre as well as original programs, From Dusk till Dawn: The Series, The Director’s Chair and the very popular wrestling program Lucha Underground.

The network recently started The People’s Network which is a showcase for unknown- “makers” to gain direct access to television audiences.

The previous installment, The People’s Network Showcase Horror Edition aired last October and was hosted by iconic director John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China). The latest episode, the Action Edition, is hosted by storied wrestler and star of Lucha Underground, Rey Mysterio.

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